A Javascript restoration of Pn=n! (2006) by Iván Marino built with ES6, MSE, CSS & the HandBrake CLI

First exhibited in March 2006, Pn=n! was a media art installation developed in Flash by the argentinian artist Iván Marino. A sequence from the film “La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc” (1928) by Carl T. Dreyer was divided into its constituent shots and repurposed to address the idea of torture as an algorithm, a piece of software. For every new sequence in the project, an individual shot from the film was randomly selected and reedited into a new progression that would fatally mirror the three semantic cornerstones present in several torture procedures: victims, victimizers and torture instruments.

For this conservation project I rewrote the code from scratch with ES6, used the Media Source API to manage video playback and built a responsive CSS layout to meet the requirements of the modern web. Although the source video was reprocessed with the HandBrake CLI from a more recent transfer of the film, I took care to mimic the look and feel of the original *.flv files in After Effects. A detailed tutorial of this new media restoration work is coming up soon. Meanwhile, check any of the other works in my personal portfolio.

Restored with ES6, CSS & the HandBrake CLI by Marcelo Terreni.




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